Weight Management Nutrition Consultation

Have your diet analysed and altered to better align to your health and weight management targets.



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Is your diet not having the same desired effect as it had 1 month ago? Do you feel tired and hungry all the time? Having second thoughts about your diet strategy? With this Weight Management Nutrition Consultation (WMNC), we will perform an initial consultation followed by the completion of a 4-day diet plan to gain a comprehensive overview of your diet. From there, your diet will be altered based off evidence-based scientific recommendations so that your diet aligns better to your weight target.

Your WMNC can provide you information on the following questions you may have about your diet plan:

  • Why do I still feel so hungry all the time?
  • Am I eating enough or too many kilocalories?
  • Is my macronutrient and micronutrient composition correct?
  • Are there any ways I can reduce this gastrointestinal discomfort through diet?
  • I’m tired all the time, how can my diet make me feel more alert?
  • Am I consuming enough dietary protein to maintain my muscle mass?

And many more.

The Process:

  1. Following purchase, please download and edit the Welcome Information Document where applicable. To edit this document, please scroll down and refer the ‘Product Download Information’ tab. I will be in touch to organise a date and time to perform our consultation session (30 minutes).
  2. The consultation can be performed over Skype, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp chat or in-person.
  3. You will then be required to perform a 4-day food diary (over 2 weekdays and 2 weekends (Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun / Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues)). To perform this, you will need 1) a weighing scale that is correctly working; 2) either a mobile application such as MyFitnessPal or pen and paper to accurately log your food intake.
  4. You will return this food log as accurately as possible to [email protected] Following this, you will provide me at least 7 working days to interpret your diet and make recommendations on how we can improve it to better align to your goals.

Need support? Watch the following introductory video:


Additional Content: 

Free access to the Learning Hub

One of the main challenges individuals often struggle with when finishing a personal training programme is that they lack direction, understanding, and ability to make correct or smart decisions. This ultimately comes down to a lack of knowledge within the fields of health,  fitness, and nutrition and over the years it is becoming a recurring theme that individuals come out of programmes with the same amount of knowledge in which they began with.

Fortunately, I do not leave any of my clients in the dark. I wholeheartedly believe that to make successful change, not only do you have to put in the physical effort, but also the mental, learning effort that will enable you to become more self-reliant in the future. The Learning Hub is a resource that compiles what I believe to be ‘essential’ learning for individuals looking to improve their health, fitness, and nutrition.

As part of your downloadable content once the payment transaction has been complete, you will receive a .pdf document containing a password for the Learning Hub. This can be copied and entered into the password box located on the initial Learning Hub page at www.joshthorley.com.

Lifetime Community Access

You will be accepted into my private Facebook community where all my clients congregate and discuss their own journeys and share tips and tricks to others. This is still currently in construction and more information will be provided to you once it is complete.



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