High Performance Nutrition Consultation


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Investing in your nutrition can take your performance to the next level. Support is bespoke and flexible, tailored to your discipline, lifestyle, and athletic ability. Detailed advice is given for the specific areas that require improvement. Whether it be preparing for your 50th marathon, or your first park run, I will assist you in ensuring optimal performance.

There are many areas of sport performance I aim to work with you on, these are but not limited to:

  • Developing an optimal micro and macronutritional intake, specific to your goals / sport
  • Calculation of energy intake and energy availability specific to your goals /sport
  • Supplement guidance and practical application advice
  • Support with diet application around training mesocycles
  • Pre-, intra- and post- exercise nutrition and hydration guidance

Past and Current Affiliations:

  • Professional Championship Football Club
  • Kettering Strongman
  • BUCS Professional Sprinter
  • Semi-professional boxer

Make an Enquiry

If you are interested in working with me to improve your performance nutrition, then please enquire below. To support your query, please state the sport you participate in and the specific reason as to why you require consultation. The price of consultation and support will vary.


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