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Gain access to the Learning Hub for exclusive resources to increase your knowledge in health, fitness, and nutrition.



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Gain access to the Learning Hub for exclusive resources to increase your knowledge in health, fitness, and nutrition.

One of the main challenges individuals often struggle with when finishing a personal training programme is that they lack direction, understanding, and ability to make correct or smart decisions. This ultimately comes down to a lack of knowledge within the fields of health, fitness, and nutrition and over the years it is becoming a recurring theme that individuals come out of programmes with the same amount of knowledge in which they began with.

Fortunately, I do not leave any of my clients in the dark. I wholeheartedly believe that to make successful change, not only do you have to put in the physical effort, but also the mental, learning effort that will enable you to become more self-reliant in the future. The Learning Hub is a resource that compiles what I believe to be ‘essential’ learning for individuals looking to improve their health, fitness, and nutrition.

The Learning Hub contains:

  • Video guides on topics such as: Debunking Health and Fitness Myths, The Basics of Nutrition, Resistance Training: An overview, and much, more more!
  • Short question paper to test your knowledge in a variety of topics.
  • Food and training plan templates to produce your own regimented plans in the future.
  • Access to mini-programmes to support specific health and fitness goals.
  • Pre-made tables and calculators to measure different performance and health markers.

Access to the Learning Hub is unlimited following purchase. This is an independent opportunity to gain access to the Learning Hub, you may also receive access if you have purchased any other product from the shop.

Sample Videos

Check out some of the videos which features within the Learning Hub:




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