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For the past six years, I have been developing my theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of Exercise Physiology and Immunology, allowing me to become an effective practitioner for my clients.  

I possess both a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and an MRes in which I investigated potential immune impairments following intensified exercise training. I am also currently a graduate student with the Institute of Performance Nutrition. and an upcoming PhD candidate in Performance Nutrition / Exercise Physiology with Loughborough University (#1 in the UK for Sport Science).  The sole aim of this website is to use this developed expertise to nurture the specific goals of my clients. 

Ever since I was small I have loved watching the Olympics and always dreamt of being able to compete at the highest level one day. Unfortunately however, I’m an awful athlete and have two left feet. Instead, I’ve gathered that being able to support athletes in this quest would be equally as rewarding and therefore cultivated my skills to not only appease generalised populations, but also to satisfy amateur – elite athletes in order to help them achieve their sport-specific goals.  Specifically, I have a keen interest and applied experience in performance nutrition, and therefore I am experienced in providing effective pre, intra, and post-competition nutrition strategies, competition hydration strategies, safe supplement strategies, and nutrition strategies for optimal recovery. 

Not only do I specifically work with high performance athletes, I also take on a handful of clients per year who may have various goals, such as to lose weight, improve muscle mass, or to improve cardiovascular fitness. These clients will receive support and effective programming in order for them to achieve their results in optimal time frames. Likewise, they will also develop their knowledge in health and fitness which enables them to become more independent and confident within the gym. 

If you’re interested in working with me, feel free to navigate to the shop and have a look at some of the products I supply. Likewise, if you’re unsure if these programmes are suitable to your needs, why not book a 30 minute free consultation with me? 

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